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How Do We “Codify” Ourselves in MMO’s?

Well…. Look who decided to show up! 😛

Apologies folks for the delay. I’m still blogging, just not as frequently as I would like. Streaming, work IRL and the kitty take up a lot of time, but I wouldn’t trade any of these things for the world. I absolutely love them.

What recently sprung this blog post on was actually a really good discussion I was having while streaming the newest FFXIV patch with my dear friends and fellow blogging colleagues, Belghast and Rakuno, on Twitch this week. If memory serves me right, this topic stemmed from our discussion about character creation in the newest game, Monster Hunter: World. Oh yes— I’ll be posting about that gem soon, but back to the topic at hand.

In Monster Hunter: World character creation is a beast all of its own. With the many options and varieties you can choose from, one can easily spend anywhere from 30 minutes to hours customizing their avatar along with their companion cat, or Palico, as the series calls them. Belghast was explaining how he has a specific regimen and customization scheme that he “codifies” to all of his Belghast characters (beards… it’s a good thing!). Rakuno also chimed in to mention how in MMOs he likes to dive into the lore of the characters, but he’s usually comfortable setting the name as Rakuno, and giving them the “Rakuno” look, which spurred form his original Everquest 2 Ratonga.

So out of curiosity I asked for a 3rd person perspective. If they were to “codify” me, the question remains: who is Pizza Maid? It was very interesting to read the responses received from it. Bel noted how he had met me years ago as… well just as me so he just identifies Pizza Maid and as a pixelated avatar form of myself. Rakuno said that to him, Pizza Maid was synonymous with the color orange; as the blog itself is orange and has its sunset color palette, he’ll always associate that with PM. And to a degree, they are exactly right.

When playing MMOs there’s two things that I aim to keep uniform across the board: tan skin, and a big round nose. In my mind, those are the two features that stick out most on me and so as a means to “relate” to the avatar I’m playing those are the two things I’m most nitpicky with. Then from there? Well it’s a plethora of things. I think for the reason of not knowing what my own identity or persona is online, this is what causes me to make an army of alts in almost any MMO I play. I also think to a degree that I would stray from playing humans in MMOs because I always thought to myself, what’s the fun in creating a human when the game has a variety of humanoid, fantasy options available right in front of you? Thus the end result is altoholism in search of a main.

… But sometimes simple is just best. Both Bel and Rakuno made me realize that maybe just making an avatar of me donning orange isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe I’ll keep with this and see how it pans out. Now as for classes? Well there’s no signature class for me in MMOs. I simply play what I like and play what I want to learn and am proficient at. The only exception to this rule is Final Fantasy XIV where the Wite Mage life chose me, applied a firm death grip onto my life and WILL NOT LET GO. XD

But now I pose the question to you reader… how do you “codify” your character in MMO’s and games? Leave your response in the comments below and let’s get this fun discussion topic rolling! J



3 thoughts on “How Do We “Codify” Ourselves in MMO’s?

  1. You know.. I used to prioritise green eyes and red hair on my characters, usually Elves if possible, but these days I’m a little looser with my character creation. I’m more likely to try blue/purple/pink hair and I’m less anti-blonde than I was at one point. I do like to give them a mid-sized nose, kiinda pointed chin, and long hair if I can though. Messy/curly hair preferable!


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