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Day 1 of Blaugust Reborn: The Day D&D Bit Me in the Ass

I wasn’t sure what the theme for this year’s Blaugust series would be. Life has a real funny way of throwing curveballs at you, so sad to say but the blog has been scarce for a sometime now. With real life, baby cat, work, and streaming in the regular mix it’s hard to find both time and a leisurely hobby that I can melt away my concerns with, but something happened. It actually happened way back in March.

While on vacation with the Mister for his brother’s wedding we managed to sneak a day away from the family to just be by ourselves, enjoy each other’s company and nerd out. So for an entire day in Jacksonville, Florida Sam and I got the chance to peruse local area game stores and tabletop shops looking at odds and ends. I found myself enchanted by the model miniatures that were available and looked at all the different varieties and combinations of D&D adventurers and heroes out there. From Elven Rangers, to Human Wizards, to Dwarven Clerics and so on and so forth I loved them all. I always had a fond appreciation of D&D thanks in part to getting to listen in to Sam DM his campaign with his friends on Roll20 back in Florida via the computer and then eventually got to watching Critical Role and catching up with the tales of The Mighty Nein. I wanted to be a part of something like that, but my friends that live locally are about 30 minutes away. And for my digital online friends? Well they’re always around, but they’re already swept up into their own D&D adventures so I would make the time pass by just listening in to Critical Role while leveling character X on MMO YZ.

It wasn’t until we entered this one tabletop store late in the afternoon that Sam found a cute little Reaper Bones Miniature of a Half-Orc Wizard named Vonaslay. He was quick to notice her cute Half-Orc tusks, an alchemical flask in one hand and a Greatstaff with a Sailor’s anchor on top. He pointed it out to me and said, “Look at this. It kind of reminds me of Viz,” and he was right. In any Fantasy setting, Viz would most definitely be a Half-Orc magic caster with a nautical theme. I thought it was so cute I couldn’t help but buy it, even if I never wound up playing or painting it. It was just a cute novelty to have. We paid for our selected items and got to the car.

Once we were buckled in, Sam turns the car on, then turned to look at me.

“Hey… so you know… I’ve been doing some thinking lately.”

“Oh yeah?” My mind immediately jumps to the worst case scenario. He’s going to break up with me, isn’t he?! Or on the opposite end of the spectrum… is he going to propose to me in this rental car right now in front of a tabletop shop? What the fu—-

“Yeah so you know how two of my players are going to be MIA soon because she’s expecting to have the twins soon?”


“Well I was thinking… because we’ll be down two players I’m probably going to put that campaign on hiatus with a season finale. How do you feel about me DM a D&D group with you in it and some friends?”

It’s no proposal, but the way to my heart is games. I’m always down for games!!

And with that the idea was sparked. For 32 years my life was devoid of TTRPGs, but finally I’d join my own D&D campaign. While making up for decades of lost time… where the hell do I begin?

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