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Day 2 of Blaugust Reborn: Transforming Viz from the MMO to the Tabletop

Art Credit: CoolidgeDoodles

I’m a superstitious individual and am a fond believer of signs. Not in the Field of Dreams  kind of way, but things happen for a reason regardless of its size. Now if you recall back from my previous blog post where the spark of a D&D campaign was born, there was a very interesting detail that may or may have not been overlooked; The Mini.

While Sam and I were in the tabletop games store, Sam managed to find a Reapers mini of a Half-Orc Wizard named Vonaslay (SLAY GIRL SLAY). Now I’m not a leading expert on Half-Orcs, miniatures or D&D… but finding a Half-Orc mini that isn’t a Fighter, Barbarian, or hybrid of both is difficult. Couple that with the fact that the miniature was nautical themed? To me that’s fate and was an insta-buy.

/Cue to the scene where Sam breaks the news and informs me that he wants to DM a D&D campaign that I’d be playing in. Hyped my friends was an understatement.

So the next immediate thought I jump to is “WHO AM I GOING TO BE?!” Now years back in the early beginnings of Sam and I’s relationship we actually made a character. In the excitement of FFXIV: Heavensward I wanted to be an Au’Ra White Mage so together we made a White Dragonborn Tempest Cleric named Laria Maserris. I promise I’ll tell the tale about her at some point soon also.

Looking down at my newly purchased mini of SLAY VONA SLAY though it was evident what I really wanted to be. I turned to Sam, held up the mini and said, “Ok I think I’m going to play a Half-Orc Wizard of Viz the Scholar then!” He kinda gave me that Nathan Fillion stopping a thought face when I told him. He let me know that that was fine, but as a minor suggestion he thought if I wanted her to be the Scholar that I play her as in FFXIV, I’m actually better off playing as a Celestial Warlock subclassed in Pact of the Chain. Now I’ll be brutally honest— I recoiled at the mention of the word “Warlock”. From my exposure to MMOs, pop culture and the like, Warlocks are portrayed as dark, demonic, and an antithesis of Pure Pure. During the drive back to our hotel though, he broke it down for me and it was then that I realized just how much MMOs and video games narrow perceptions of tropes and archetypes and pen and paper tabletop RPGs can reverse that logic and open them.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 of Blaugust Reborn: Transforming Viz from the MMO to the Tabletop

  1. I don’t know if it is my browser that got broken but was there supposed to be an image on the top there, like the one you posted on Twitter with the link for this post?

    Anyway, like you I also associated Warlock with people who dabble in dark magic and make pacts with demons. But upon reading the class description in the 5th Edition D&D’s Player Handbook I saw that there are some options that could make them work more on the good side. I forgot what one of the options were, I think it was some kind of ancient faydragon? I am too lazy to check now but it gave me more more a Fairy Tale vibe, of a noble knight making a pact with an ancient being for some greater good. 🙂

    So although my primary view of Warlocks will still be the evil version (I mean, their lists of spells still feels pretty dark) I could see exceptions to the rule now. Pretty interesting exceptions at that. 🙂

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    1. Duh! And I just noticed I can see the image on the main page but not when I click “Read More” and see the whole post. So, uh… ignore me if that is how things are intended to be. Sorry about that. 😡

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