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Day 3 of Blaugust Reborn: The Art of the Character Sheet

So uhh… this might just become an ongoing series for this Blaugust. I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing, but there’s so many creative thoughts and musings I’ve had in my mind I’m so excited to get them out of my head and onto blogspace. This Blaugust Reborn is a beautiful thing.

So where we last left off in the Rekindling Chronicles (uhh that’s its name now) the campaign is on the horizon some weeks away, and it was decided that we would take Viz out of the MMO and onto the Tabletop Battlefield. Sweetness. It’s time to roll her character sheet.

It was predetermined long before I started rolling Viz’s stats for her character sheet that Viz would be a Half-Orc, she would be a Warlock, and that she would be subclassed to Pact of the Chain come Level 3. I had no idea if everything I just put together would actually work— her potential would be left to the Almighty Gygax and randomly rolling her stats with dice. If this was going to be left to the fate of dice I figured I’d share this process with my friends and viewers on stream.

So Viz has a birthday (her D&D creation was Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018) and in front of everyone who was interested and willing to watch, we worked on the character sheet live. Now I usually don’t have stage fright when it comes to streaming. I can basically go with the flow and just let the pieces fall where they may. Something about rolling her stats though had me freaking out, and I was doubly freaking out internally because people could visibly see my reaction. I wanted Viz to be a good Warlock, and I wanted her to serve as a viable de facto healer for our party. So rolling 4D6’s in front of Sam, friends and complete strangers had me shook. Low and behold? Her stats were average. She wasn’t a special snowflake that could decimate mountains, but she also didn’t have the stats of a Goblin. All in all? Gygax watched over us and took the wheel on those dice rolls. Praise be to Gygax.

Then we started picking out some of her spells. As a Celestial Warlock, I know I needed a healthy balance of offensive spells to her heals and Celestial spells because I wasn’t a pure raw healer. Warlock spells aren’t exactly “Pure Pure” so I tried taking some “pretty” ones so to speak along with the necessities like Eldritch Blast. Looking back from a few months ago? I’M GLAD I DID. Eldritch Blast isn’t Pure Pure, but it’s saved my Half-Orc ass from some pretty gnarly situations. Plus the Half-Orc racial passives?! Relentless Endurance kept me from a player kill in my very first session!!!

Then when it came time to choosing personality traits, ideals, bonds, flaws, and rolling some of her backstory something funny happened. Based solely on dice rolls, Viz was becoming the magical girl I’ve always envisioned her as. I thought for sure this means I’d have to make a beefy backstory for her… until Sam suggested I take a step back from doing so. Initially I didn’t understand why until it opened up a bigger discussion for Sam and I about the play styles of D&D players. I’ll explain more… in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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