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Day 4 of Blaugust Reborn: My IRL Magical Orc Cleric Transformation | PART 1: The Creation

Happy Wednesday Blaugstans, Maids and Masters. You’ll have to forgive me for the hiccups of posts these last few days. This past weekend I was tucked away in the secluded forests of my hometown taking part in my first ever LARP experience. To those who know the members of our D&D party, they also take part in a local area LARP association and a few months back invited me to tag along and partake in the experience. I was hesitant at first, but now? Now my D&D addiction now has a friendly companion in tow. When I got back from LARP though? I was TIRED (still am really) and my body was sore so I took these last few days to rest up and recuperate from the weekend.

I had first heard about LARPing years back in college, when a friend invited me to what she called “Elf Camp”. I’ll be honest that it did pique my interest, but I was knee deep in my major courses at school along with the extracurricular activities I was involved in (dance team, ROTC, and the radio station). Couple all that with working two jobs? My time was limited even with friends, family, and sleep. Luckily though long after college and even today that friend and I are still connected on social media. So you could imagine the surprise I had when I found out that my D&D party also attend the same area LARP that she’s a part of. I put it off before, but didn’t want to put it off any more so since the first event for newcomers is free, I figured I’d give it a shot with the Echo Crew.

Now mind you as a woman who suffers from severe altoholism in MMOs, I’d like to proudly proclaim that all my creativity in creating alts has come to a standstill as of late. In MMOs, D&D and now LARP? The choice for character creation was simple; I’d make some sort of healing class Orc named Viz. The hardest part in my mind was behind me. These last few months I had been working alongside our resident Tiefling, Tuka, and she showed me how she puts her costumes and props together for the LARP events. She was kind enough to help embroider and create my admiral’s jacket along with my soul phylactery and map, and Sam helped me also in creating various props for my outfit. Sam was paramount in driving around all parts of town for my Orc face paint, researching my tusks, and shopping with me at tons of craft stores to help build my pearl orb lantern and adventure satchel.

So leading up to last Friday I was as physically prepared as I could be as Viz of the Decklen Clan. Nothing could have prepared me for what actually happened and the spark that ignited.

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