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Day 5 of Blaugust Reborn: My IRL Magical Orc Cleric Transformation | PART 2: The Experience

Continuing this mini-series of blog posts about my first LARP experience, we ended Part 1 with a slight cliffhanger as my first LARP event was about to begin.

Now to set the vision of the experience in your mind let me explain the weather conditions we had this past weekend. For starters? It’s been a torrential downpour of rain from Monday of last week until Friday evening. Then? Saturday and Sunday we had sunny weather, but temperatures were recorded at about 90 degrees WITH humidity. So the general landscape of our location in the woods was muddy, swampy, wet, hot, and hella humid. While all the sweating happened it really didn’t take away from the enjoyment of our roleplaying so we all “weathered” through it.

Now on the evening of night one I drove up with fellow Echo Crewmate, Coop, and it was planned that our other party members, Duncan and Tuka would be getting there earlier in the afternoon and meet with us when we arrived. I signed into the LARP, filled out all the necessary paperwork for the weekend’s events, and submitted my character sheet.  Not long after that the staff corralled us together to give a rundown of the weekend’s plot line, introduce new players (that was just me), and give a rundown of rules and precautions for us considering the weather conditions we were working with. After opening ceremonies concluded, we all retreated to our sleeping cabins known as the Protectorat and we all got into costume to begin the event at around 9 pm that evening.

I had heard from Tuka and Duncan early on that Orcs aren’t a heavily played race in the LARP mainly because folks just enjoy playing the other races and sometimes constantly applying and touching up the orc paint could be bothersome. I mentally prepped myself for that and decided regardless even if I was a lone Orc I was going to do it and to the best of my ability. I already had some backstory set up with Tuka and her LARP character so that my segue into the overall arc of the narrative made sense. I’ll be honest walking into the Tavern for the very first time in full makeup and costume was nerve wracking, but knowing how kind all the other PCs were out of game made the transition into the roleplay a lot of fun. My first interaction was with a Fighter named Angelus. Clearly my kind were not seen often in town so as a celebratory welcome he bought me a goblet of Orc’s Blood (Cherry 7UP in these parts). Instantly clicking into roleplay I looked at him mortified asking him why he would offer me the blood of our people, and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the evening which lasted until about 2-3 am.

From that first interactive experience on Friday evening I learned a lot of things. First off? I’m just going to accept that LARP Viz has long, curly brown hair because wearing a wig in that heat and humidity kicked me hard. Secondly? I need to sleep with my coin purse and latex weapon with me at all times? Why might you ask? Oh well there’s Saturday morning at about 8 am.

To be continued…

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