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Day 6 of Blaugust Reborn: My IRL Magical Orc Cleric Transformation | PART 3: The Experience (Continued)

There’s a LOT to write about with my first LARP experience this past weekend so in an effort to not make eyes cross with all the text I figured I’d break it up some and start with the focal day of the event, Saturday. Now if you recall in my previous post, I mentioned how I need to sleep with my coin purse and latex weapons at all times. Why you might ask? Well I learned a valuable lesson in the art of LARPing.



I had probably woke up sometime around 7:30am on Saturday morning. With just a few early risers up I thought I could make use of getting up early by preparing and getting into costume and makeup early. I was sleeping in the far left end of the cabin and the bathroom was on the far right end. The bathroom was already occupied and there was one other individual (a really nice female Cleric) waiting to use the facilities like I was so while we were waiting we got to talking and getting to know each other. My back was to the door of the far right entrance so while in mid-sentence of her speaking to me she looks out to the door, yells “OH SHIT!” and makes a beeline for her bedroom and slams the door. Utterly surprised by what just transpired I whip my head around to the door. Sure enough, that “OH SHIT!” was warranted. Two figures in troll attire are RUNNING towards the entrance of the cabin where I was standing near.

Without a second thought I hauled ass and ran across the cabin. Now in these times where the potential for a player death could happen you would think I would say some heroic famous last words. Mine? Oh they were everything but that.


Luckily the Echo Crew all were sleeping in the same section of the cabin. Immediately without second thought Duncan (who is a human Small Arms Fighter) hopped out of bed still in full costume and rushed to the entrance of our cabin section to fight them off. Coop (who LARPs as a Dwarven Craftsman) rolled off of the air mattress and made use of his MASSIVE shield to hold off the trolls as Duncan attempted to kill them. Tuka (who LARPs as an Avian / Oelyte Alchemist) roleplayed exactly as she was supposed to… she hid. And I? I scrambled to find my 1 handed sword and stared at the action in horror. The trolls eventually broke the barrier of Coop’s shield and saw them darting towards me so without thinking (or wearing my Orc paint mind you) I managed to get a few strikes in while Duncan and Coop finished them from behind.

Courageously we managed to kill the Trolls with no fatalities. I—- I just was not aware that this could all happen before I even brushed my teeth and put on my face paint. That led to a change in mindset with me that clicked almost immediately; your weapon is just like an American Express card. Don’t ever leave home without it. For all the times I wanted to walk from one building to the next I was constantly being followed by Duncan and Coop and I couldn’t really understand why until that morning. From that point forward I was always on my guard.

Throughout the course of the day we had plenty of options on what to do and were fighting shades at multiple points during the day. I figured that as an Orc I would work on one of my racial abilities, and that was fishing. So Tuka and I made our way towards the river (yes literally towards a river) with the fishing pole we created from sticks and twine and made our way down. We did some fishing and while exploring that area after fishing we noticed a posted sign on a tree that said “Random Encounter #1”. MMO me came out briefly as I thought to myself, “Did we find a treasure?. Tuka’s first response was “Shit.” Reflexively I looked around after she said that to see if trolls were running towards us.

She explained to me that when we come across a random encounter it could possibly  mean that we stumble upon a treasure or it could mean we just randomly found a fight that’s about to go down. In our instance we stumbled upon a mysterious figure that was pivotal to the plot of the weekend’s events. And the guy playing the role? He was excellent at roleplaying. I was legit terrified of him and at Tuka’s insistence she asked after our meeting with him that I run as fast as my Orc legs could take me to get help because this guy had great potential of bringing danger to the town. So as asked my ass RAN… UPHILL…. IN 90 DEGREE HEAT. I flagged down the first person I could find and also asked that I look for one of the stronger Clerics in our LARP. Tuka said looking for him may help us in bringing down the bad guy. And so finally finding the Cleric, he and a band of other various Fighters, Rogues, and Mages went in the direction we were just in to speak to the masked man.

His intent was clear and our instincts were right. After discovering him we realized we found THEE BADDIE. Fighting him led to fighting a myriad of monsters and abominations he conjured up throughout the course of the afternoon leading up to the Great Feast. It tuckered us out for sure as fighting and the heat/humidity was a toughie, but I will say it brought us closer together as a band of brothers and sisters, and also as citizens of our great town. I really started losing my sense of self and really felt myself becoming Viz.

And then? Then it was the Echo Crew’s turn to take the NPC main module shift. This meant we got to be some of the un-Pure Pure monster spawns. And let me say…

… being bad felt really good. Mwhahahaha.

To Be Continued…

One thought on “Day 6 of Blaugust Reborn: My IRL Magical Orc Cleric Transformation | PART 3: The Experience (Continued)

  1. I’d think with a LARP like that there would be times or zones for people to stay out of the game and just be able to take a breather. I guess that I was wrong. XD

    Interesting read though. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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