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Because we’re going to the Chapel and we’re…

So from last month’s post to now… LOTS of crazy things have happened. The biggest of them being… IM ENGAGED. SQUEE!!!!

I know some folks were asking what/when/where/ how the proposal went down so for sure there will be a post on that soon. Promise. August was a bit of a whirlwind, and now? It’s an ever bigger whirlwind in all the good ways.

So the reason for this post? Today marks three years until our wedding day! We’ll be getting married on 9/17/2021! I’ve been holding on to this information for weeks now AND WAS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS so I’m SO EXCITED to share the news! Some folks may be wondering, “Why so long?” Well… there’s a few reasons for that.

The biggest reason we’re holding the engagement for three years is… we’re paying for the wedding ourselves. We love our families and they support us in a myriad of ways, but we know financially they can’t fund or help support a wedding at this time, and that’s absolutely okay. Sam and I are in a position where we have some small debts we’re paying down now, and then can work on saving for the big day. Additionally with regards to venues in our area most places are booked for 2019, AND EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER WANTS TO GET MARRIED IN 2020 JUST BECAUSE OF THE NUMBER. Man… Plus it’s fun to find creative ways to build up some savings for the wedding! I’m currently saving up now in a fun way involving the games that I stream over on my Twitch channel. I’ll be sure to make a post on that. Finally? Sam liked the concept of us “Dating 3 Years, Engaged 3 Years, and then Married Forever.” I can’t argue it. I’m a fan of things in 3’s. Always have.

So with all of this going down, I decided I’d like to document this whole journey from start to forever. So? I’m going to begin vlogging. I’d like to preface this all with… I have no idea how the heck to vlog. I can’t scrapbook for the life of me, and we’re living in the age of the Jetsons (well I wish we were but we’re getting closer!) I’ve decided I’m going to document all the wedding things on my Instagram, as well as a YouTube channel. For now because I have no idea how one does vlogging and editing I’m going to aim to post about 1 vlog a week. I’m aiming to discuss workout plans, changing my eating habits for a healthier lifestyle, beauty and glamour on a budget, actual geeky wedding planning / ideas / stresses / frustrations and all points in between.

You can check them out under CaptAliTNewkirk! Bonus points if you catch the nerd reference!

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