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The Viral Questionnaire Heard Around the World…

WHA?!?!! Pizza posting?

Yeah I am. Hehe. Courtesy of that dashing gent over on Tales of the Aggronaut, Mr. Belghast Sternblade, I gave been tasked with a viral questionnaire that has no cure. Not even more cowbell could cure this viral phenomenon so with that? I decided to take myself off of hiatus, and give you guys the lowdown.

Now you may be wondering how this works? It’s easy peasy.

Defined as the “Real Neat Blog Award”, it’s a really direct idea and concept. You are tagged by someone and in theory you are supposed to answer seven questions that they proposed to everyone who was tagged. You then make your own post answering those questions and then proposing seven new questions and tag seven new people. So with that? Let us infect the Internets with some neat questions and spread awareness on some of my favorite bloggers! 🙂

Question 1

What is your earliest memory?


We’re coming in strong with some of these questions! Haha. For myself, my earliest memories as a tiny PizzaRoll stem from when I was bitty, and lived in Puerto Rico where I was born and raised for a few years before moving to the states. We had a cute two story home which wasn’t far from the ocean so to beat the heat and the humidity, it was common for PizzaMom to bring my crib outside in front of the house while she was hanging up laundry to dry. One of my Father’s uncles frequently came by to help my Mom around the house, and he was protective of my mother, sister and I.  As a kid he would go out of his way to make sure I wasn’t crying or hungry, and always liked keeping me company along with our Great Danes. Funny as it sounds I remember napping a lot in my crib outside with the occasional cool breeze and sunshine resting on my face as I slept.

Question 2

What is something that you have lost in your past that you would love to have today?


The unfortunate outcome to this tale was that I was so in love with this doll regardless of her sounding like she was dying that I think my Mom threw her away while I was at school or something.

…. it’s clearly still a sensitive subject of my past that’s hard to discuss. Hehe.

Question 3

What is the last piece of media (book/movie/video/whatever) that really moved you emotionally?

Alright so this is going to sound kind of weird but…


It’s no surprise this film was indeed a film that contained a lot of fan service to cater to us die hard Toho fans and kaiju fans, but director Michael Dougherty really did his due diligence in giving us the stories and respect our beloved Kaiju deserved.

I’ve been a longtime kaiju fan ever since I was a little girl because of my mother’s love for kaiju and the movies we watched together as I was growing up. Mothra has always been and will always remain the kaiju of my heart and to see her on the big screen and hear her iconic theme for the first time in theaters? Yeah…. I got choked up. I cannot recommend this movie enough if you are a fan of the Toho franchise, a kaiJUNKIE, or a curious mind looking to understand more behind the stories of the allies and rivals of the great Godzilla.

Question 4

What was your favorite childhood “character”(comic/movie/literary/etc) and has that changed over the years?


Well if you know me, and you know this blog? It should be no surprise who my favorite childhood character has been since I was 10 years old. I remember vividly waking up at 5:30 am every morning just to catch my morning episode of Sailor Moon which aired before Cardcaptor Sakura, while clutching my beloved Sailor Mars figure oh so tight.

She embodied everything I wanted to be then, today, and always. It’s not always easy, but I want to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and I try my hardest to make sure that no one ever feels alone. Their life mantras and practices that I know have helped me through some rough patches in life, and in the process I’ve forged lifelong friendships with people near and far away.

Now the show? It’s been a constant as my all time favorite for years, but has my favorite Sailor Scout changed? I’d be lying if I’ve said no. They all have such amazing and redeeming qualities. Which Sailor Scout would you compare me to? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Question 5

What are you looking forward to the most in the second half of 2019?

Well literally as of today? I’m looking forward to being a Mrs.! Hehe. Vowing to be Mrs. Odean was a scary ride getting to today, but I’m really excited at what adventures lie ahead for us. We are still planning a wedding for our family and friends to attend and celebrate (in 2021) but the journey getting there? We’re going to make it an adventure full of smiles, laughs and memories to treasure.

I told myself these past few weeks that after today there are some new things I’d like to try. I’d like to begin some new traditions as a married couple, like building Gunplas together more and trying some new recipes to make for dinners or desserts. Regardless of what comes of it, I’m looking forward to what life has for me with ym husband by my side.

Question 6

What is your greatest fear and has it changed as you have aged?


I was legit too afraid to post an actual picture of it, so I’m using this as a filler. Sort of.

I really have a severe fear of bugs, specifically spiders. I’m constantly haunted by nightmares of them and the very thought of them makes me sick with the creepy crawlies.

One of these days I’ll have to overcome that fear, but I’m not entire sure how. I’ve thought about different ways of approaching it, one such case was playing a Drow D&D character, and devoting myself to Lolth. Not sure if that’ll actually help, but I can always give it a shot!

Question 7

What keeps you engaged in a community over time and where do you feel the most at home?


Hmm… good question. I think in terms of games and specifically MMOs I think seeing positivity and people building each other up and not breaking others down is what keeps me most engaged in communities. It’s quite clear that regardless of what game(s) one plays there’s always going to be some level of toxicity, but how the community approaches it and reacts to it? That to me is what separates my interest to the ones I want to invest myself into.

For myself? Eorzea is home. XIV is a game that I can play where some days I’ll log in with a damn purpose and a bucket list of to-do items. I take comfort in the fact that sometimes though I can log in, just head to my cafe or the FC house, take a seat on the couch in my casual clothes and catch up with FC mates and friends. That social interaction keeps me wanting more.


This is the portion where I spread the blogging infection to other dear friends and bloggers of mine, and have them answer a few of my questions! So without further ado:

1. If you could compare yourself to any character from any movie/game/comic/book/etc. who would it be and why?

2. Tell me about your favorite pizza (or any cuisine) place!

3. What memory instantly makes you smile?

4. What made you want to begin blogging (or vlogging or streaming)?

5. What makes you feel most empowered?

6. What is something you enjoy doing that you never get tired of?

7. You’re in an adventuring party preparing to slay the mighty Blue Eyes, White Dargon. What role / job do you play and what do you enjoy most about it?

And to my select few they are….!

  1. Rakuno of Shards of Imagination
  2. Tart of
  3. Alahra of Fashion Ninjutsu
  4. Aywren of Aywren Sojourner: Gaming & Geek Life
  5. Samodean of Massive Nerd
  6. Naithin of Time to Loot
  7. Stoppy of 99 Potions


Best of luck my friends and enjoy! ❤

4 thoughts on “The Viral Questionnaire Heard Around the World…

  1. Going to try answering these. As for which Sailor I’d identify you with the most with, I’d say Sailor Moon herself. You are both kind, friendly and always willing to give a helping hand whenever possible. You are also a bit crazy but in a good way. XD

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