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I’m Done Asking Where You’ve Been!

Yes! Yes! I’m also done asking myself where I’ve been too. LOTS OF THINGS HAVE HAPPENED THESE LAST FEW MONTHS. Pray forgive me for the absence of this blog. I love writing and sharing my adventures with everyone, but time? Time has never been on my side. If only I were a Time Mage… Mark… Continue reading I’m Done Asking Where You’ve Been!

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When Catherine and Lara Croft Have a Love Child

I promise you this post has no spoilers so read away! 🙂 Whenever a patch hits, folks are quick to dive into the MSQ head first, and rightfully understandable. I probably SHOULD have that mentality, but let’s be real here. My end game is glamour. It’s no secret and I don’t deny it. So with… Continue reading When Catherine and Lara Croft Have a Love Child

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Where You Been Girl?!

I’ve been around, but I’m here! I promise I’m here! 🙂 The holidays is always a crazy time for me since my office closes up shop for two weeks for Christmas break. Primarily this cuts into the time I have most weeknights to go home and relax, and REALLY cuts into my game time during… Continue reading Where You Been Girl?!

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Garlean Glamour: The “She-Wench” Set

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m just a few days shy of the Mister finally arriving on my stomping grounds, but I wanted to post a fun little project I whipped up. In an exchange of tweets with some of the lovely ladies in Greysky Armada, Nephsys and Chestnut, we realized that: There’s a lack of FFXIV… Continue reading Garlean Glamour: The “She-Wench” Set